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Booking Info

Books are OPEN

Tattoos I am looking to book

I only take on projects that I feel will showcase my best work, those that insprire me creatively and allow me to grow as an artist. Priority in bookings will be given to Black & Grey, Illustrative and select Neo-Traditional/Color pieces. I prefer to work on medium to large scale tattoos; although small tattoos may still be available for booking as my schedule permits.

What I will NOT tattoo

Due to the uncertainty of longevity, I am not accepting any of the following: -'micro'/fine line tattoos -white ink tattoos -'sound cloud rapper/post malone' style tattoos -tattoos placed on the inner lip, behind the ear, sides of feet, hands or fingers. I want to be able to create tattoos that I can put my heart and skill into to ensure my clients get the tattoo they desire. I may decline tattoos if I feel I am not able to do so or are not the best fit for the subject matter or client. I strive to keep a very warm and stress free environment. If someone should jepordize this vibe, I will politely refuse service. Let's be real, BOTH parties need to feel comfortable.


Weekday availability is available during 'daycare' hours. The last week of every month will be reserved should I need to reschedule anyone. Any other days/times are at artist discretion.

Reschedule/Last minute availability

I leave sporatic days available (last week of the month) in the instance I need to reschedule a client; to aid in not having to push their appointment time out too far. In the instance these blocked days are not used and become available; they will either be posted to my IG stories or I will reach out to clients on a "waitlist." The same is applied for any last minute openings that may occur due to client rescheduling on their part.

Booking cut-off/Inquiry not accepted

In the instance your tattoo idea was not accepted for booking at this time; this does not mean I will not tattoo you in the future and/or with a different design. I am doing my absolute best to maintain a reasonable wait period and create tattoos that are best suited for my skill and creative endevours.

Deposit/Booking Fee

A deposit is required to secure your appointment time. When both parties are able to agree on a date/time for service; I will issue an invoice with any appointment conditions and deposit policy attached. Deposits must be paid within 72 hours to secure appointment. Deposits/Booking Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

Before your appointment

It is important to be prepared for your appointment. Please be sure to get a good night of sleep, eat a well balanced meal and no consumption of alcohol the night before or prior to appointment. I encourage my clients to bring water, a drink with some sugar in it and snacks. Dress comfortably and appropriately for the location of your tattoo. NO numbing agents may be applied prior unless I have been notified and we were able to consult on the risk/reward of such products. Failure to disclose use of numbing agent may result in cancellation and loss of deposit. If you should have any questions prior to your appoitnment, please feel free to reach out.


I offer a "Second Skin" type bandage to aid in healing as long as the client does not have an adhesive allergy or overly sensitive skin. Recovery lotion and Gold Dial soap is also available in studio. All aftercare is included in Day Rate sessions. Verbal and/or written instructions will be provided at time of completion.


Most tattoos are priced by piece or day rate, regardless of time. I am a quick tattoo artist by comparison and aim to keep pricing fair for both myself and the client. If you should be working with a budget, please be sure to inform me.

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